Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Desiring God 2011 National Conference Video/Audio

I was able to check out several of these services over the weekend Live and was blessed tremendously.  I highly recommend the Giglio and Platt messages.   Giglio does a mashup of Whales, Stars and Chris Tomlin that is something that will only make sense if you watch it.  Once you do, you will never be the same.   Thankful for this conference and the Word of God and Praise to God that came forth from it.

Session 1
The Global God Who Gives the Great Commission
Louie Giglio
Session 2
The Glory of God, the Lostness of Man, and the Gospel of Christ
David Platt
Session 3
Courage, Christ, and Finishing the Mission
Michael Ramsden
Session 4
From Every Land to Every Land: The Internationalization of Missions – Its Potential and the Price
Michael Oh
Session 5
Speaker Panel: David Platt, Michael Ramsden, Michael Oh, Ed Stetzer, John Piper
David Mathis
Session 6
The Church, The Neighborhood, and the Nations
Ed Stetzer
Session 7
Let the Peoples Praise You, O God, Let All the Peoples Praise You!
John Piper
Speaker Interview
Greg Livingstone, David Sitton
John Piper